It was on June 09, 2012 that we opened our doors to our members. Alot has happened in the last year. Where to start? Well since everything starts with our wonderful members, i will start there. We started with just a few members who found us by chance that first night. Now we have  over 3,700 members registered with us. Some are our casual friends who stop by for a quick buck every now and again. Others have pulled up a seat and made themselves at home, and we could not be happier. We love and appreciate all of our members that have supported us this last year. We have added 11 offerwalls in addition to our 2,000+ internal offers. That is like adding an offerwall every month! We are constantly looking for more ways to provide our users with money making opportunities, that will not stop. We have paid out over $15,00 in cash and prizes in less then a year and that is only the beginning.  We plan to pay out even more next year.
     To start that off we are having a celebration all month long. Stop by everyday for a free birthday promo code. Everyone loves fun and games so every day this month we will also have a different "birthday" contest going. Most of them are simple and easy to reach so everyone has fun winning. A few days will be more "in the competitive spirit".  To top that off we are giving away $25! Ever 10 offers you do in a day gets you a free entry! We wanted to make this easy, everything counts: votes, videos, tasks, surveys, offers, everything! All month long you win even more. We have added several discounted cash-out options. It should be easy for every one to grab the $10 cash out for the discounted rate of $9.50. Many might be interested in grabbing $100 for the discounted amount of $80. They will be valid from June 1st to June 30th. Grab one or grab 100 of them, all will be paid as fast any other cash out. Why keep all of this a secret? Tell your friends about the free promo codes, the fun contests, and the awesome discounted cash-outs! Every week this month we have a fun referral contest going! Get in the action and tell all of your friends what fun you are having winning with GoldDiggerGPT.
     Our birthday party will be on Sunday June 9th, 2013, where we turn 1 year old! To celebrate that day will be extra special. We have planned a fun contest and we are bringing lots of promo codes.  Each code has a limited use, some will be go fast so be sure to be there to get them. There will be codes all day long! Get up to 50 nuggets!
     There are so many tasks at GoldDiggerGPT. It may be easy to get overwhelmed and ask where do I start? Tasks are not complicated once you know what you are looking at. The majority of tasks are normally "mini jobs". They are typically a very short easy question and answer type of thing. They may pay in terms of pennies, but let me tell you pennies add up. Users can easily make a few hundred dollars a month on just tasks if they want. The real beauty of tasks is that they credit every time, unlike surveys or offers where you spend half of an hour for it to fail to credit. On tasks you only spend a minute or two typically and then get credit within a minute of completing usually. The important thing to remember is there are many different tasks, you need to try them all to find the one(s) you like. What works for one person may not work for another. You get to them by going to

      The "flag" Tasks
A very popular task that is available to most users is called "Flag images that contain adult content (Contains mature content) " or "SEE THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST!! New Rules Added: Flag and Tag images that contain adult content ".  This is sometimes jokingly referred to as the "porn" task. All you are doing is looking at pictures and flagging the ones that show too much skin. Each task is slightly different, read the instruction, some may only be looking for top areas,  others may be only concerned with the bottom.

     The "writing" tasks
Another popular task to try is one of the writing tasks. If you can read/write English this task pays great. There are about 4 different ones, (write questions to keywords, Write questions to keywords (long form)  and 2 of the write answers to questions tasks. This task pays low, but gives you a bonus for every answer you give. The task pay is awarded right away when you finish. The bonus is given once the staff reviews your answers (don't try to give bogus answers, they do review them and it can lead to a ban.) This bonus can be anywhere from 5-30 cents per a task. So it adds up fast!

     The "Yes/No" tasks
These are EASY! The are titled "Yes/No". You have to say yes or no to the answers they give you. Good answer include no grammar errors, no spelling mistakes, proper English. 177311 is the Job ID of the pickiest of them on grammar rules and is best for beginners to avoid at first.

    The "Casino" Task
Another popular one is the "casino". It is a task that comes out every night and is completed in minutes.
Called “Answer a few questions about a website”,  usually around 9:20 site time for usa tasks- CA casino around 12:30  and then again around 7pm. It is referred to as "casino" task because most of them involve a casino.

     The "Big Fishers" tasks
These pay Great! This is a simple search task. It is a more detailed/ bit bigger then "mini fisher" or "review" tasks, but pays better for it. There are several with the name "Search for terms and record the search results ". It gives you a keyword to search and you record the results. Follow the directions carefully as it wants certain words or search engines for each part. Do not click on any links unless it tells you to. The first time or two might be frustrating, then it is easy money. 

     The "Mini Fisher" tasks
"Search google for an article and record information about it!" usually around 11am-12pm site time. This is a simple search and answer task similar to the "review" task below but pays better as its a little different, but an easy one to try if you can.

     The "search engine" task
This task only comes out like once a month give or take, but is good for an easy $20 each time. The task is super easy/boring once you get the hang of it. However it takes a few tries to get the hang of it, GO SLOW and read/reread the instructions and then pay attention to any messages where it says you got something wrong. Then you will have the hang of it in no time.
it wants 2 things
1) rate it
invalid- if the search term is bs- like or something
perfect- if there are no mistakes in the results given
ok- if at least 1 thing is good but some bad in the results given
bad- if search term is good (pizza hut in ny,ny) but the results were all bad/none
2) explain why the results given were not perfect
simply check an answer (no results/missing info/etc)

     The "review" task
The task you will find the most is one where you perform a simple search. These can usually only be done once. However, there are a lot of these and Crowdflower is always adding more. They range from half a penny to two cents each. The name veries but they are all pretty much the same. Look for anything with review, feedback, check, or opinion in the name. An example would be "Fast Site Review and Feedback". 
1) You are given a link to click and open a search page.
2) You are given a word, phrase or name that you type into the search page.
3) You are given an exact search result to look for, it is often on the first page but some times you have to keep looking to find it.
4) Once you find it- answer a few questions about where you found the result.
5) Then you click a link and answer a question about the site.
then it requires you to press a "verify" button before submitting it. This checks over your last answer to see if you did in fact do as asked. This is usually very simply and fast, however, If it says your answer in incorrect, double check your answer is correct.  You can not hit submit till it tells you it is correct.

      There are many other tasks, but those are the most popular/common.

      It is very important to go slow the first time(s) you are doing a new task. Really pay attention to what it is asking and what you are doing. It may seem really slow, bulky, and/or not worth doing.  I made it sound complicated, but it is not. Once you do a few then you can do them very fast. Stick with it. You will get fast and love the consistent instant  credits.

You can discuss tasks and find out more information and/or tips on our forum.

Today I would like to discuss something not easily answered. At the same time something that everyone tries to figure out. When you complete an offer you rightly expect to be compensated for for efforts. However that does not happen. Why is that. Well unfortunately the answer is complex. All offers are different and come with their own "rules".  These are sometimes written in the offer requirement but usually they are not written on each offer but used instead as a type of quality check to ensure the offer was completed with sincere interest. 

Duping or duplicating an offer
As a general rule all offers are only meant to be completed one. That means if you already completed it (at another wall or site) it is not suppose to credit again. Exceptions to this include daily surveys and any survey, task, or offer that states how often something can be repeated. If something is a "daily offer" such as surveys, it is meant to be completed once per a day, not per a wall or site. Again doing something more then the times  intended will often result in no credit.

As a general rule you should use the same legit email every time you complete a survey. However, as a general rule most offers require a new legit email with every offer completed in a "offer family" or type. These are not rules for every offer or survey, but guidelines. The offer usually state if it wants a new email or if you should use the same one as before. You should always use a legit email owned by you. Temporary or disposable emails are not what advertisers want you to use. They can not only result in an offer failing to credit, sometimes it can lead to a reversal of an offer that did (incorrectly) credit or worse a advertiser or network blacklisting you. Aol, Yahoo, Gmail are all reliable legit email providers. 

False info
As with using disposable emails, false info is not what advertisers want you to use. Using any false info can not only result in an offer failing to credit, sometimes it can lead to a reversal of an offer that did (incorrectly) credit or worse a advertiser or network blacklisting you.

Sometimes cookies can cause a tracking issue with an offer causing it to fail to credit. As a general rule it is recommended to clear cookies once a day. However some people get plenty of things to credit and never clear they cookies. Some people find it best to clear before starting every survey or offer. clearing cookies is easily done. In most browsers just go to option/ history/ then click clear history. If you are unsure what to do just google "clear cookies" and add your browser.
Here if how to delete off of FireFox

Timing out
Some offers and most surveys have already determined a reasonable time frame it should take a person to complete it. Going too fast can result in failure to credit as it is assumed you are a bot. Going too slow is not usually an issue but can also result in failure to credit. Take your time and read everything it is saying.

There are many other things that can result in no credit. This includes but is in no way limited to giving too many generic answers and/ or failing a test question. And some times we just will never know why something failed to credit.
Today I would like to post about the best kept secret to earning money. How does an extra $588 this year sound? Maby it sounds too good to be true? Maby it sounds like hard work? Well it does require a little work on your part, you know what they say no work, no gain. It is easy to achieve with GoldDiggerGPT, We are here to help in any way we can. There are many ways possible to reach this amount, however our favorite way is through daily surveys.

We have a big selection of daily survey to choose from no matter where you live. I believe they range from $0.25-$1.20 each. 
If you do just 3 each day at an average of $0.60 each you will make
$0.60 *3= $1.80 each day.
PLUS you win $0.10 with our Daily Double Bonus, $1.80 + $0.10= $1.90
PLUS you win $0.25 with our 3 Daily Surveys Bonus $1.90 + $0.25= $2.15 every day.
THAT'S $2.15 *30= $64.50 in a month
PLUS every 10 survey you win $1 and a free ref upgrade.... that's an extra $9 in a month
So just doing 3 surveys a day you can make 64.50 +$9=
do that for the rest of the rear year $73.50 *8 = $588

almost $600 this year just doing 3 surveys a day
$882 in a full year just doing 3 surveys a day

first 30 people enter "surveys" for a free nug
As far as contests go, there are two types of contests; one where you compete against others, and one where you win on your own efforts. 
First lets review some contest where you compete against others to win a prize: 
  • The Daily Rise 'n Shine- This contest starts new at 7:am site time (PST). The first person to complete 10 offer wins $1. To qualify each offer must be worth 10 cent/nugget or higher in value. Only one person wins each day.
  • Referral- The is always a referral contest going. Usually with 3-10 winners. This tends to be an easy win because even though you are competing against others, there usually is low competition and therefore you can often win with only 1 ref.
 On the other hand there are contests where you do not compete against anyone to win a prize. This is easily won and only your own efforts determine the outcome.
  • Daily Double- this is a daily contest- simply complete 2 offers a day to win a $0.10 bonus. Everyone can win this everyday. To qualify each offer needs to be at least 25 cents/nuggets.
  • Digging Machine- This is awarded for your personal work efforts on tasks through the Crowdflower offerwall. For every 500 tasks you can complete in a month, you win $2 plus a chat title. That’s only doing 16 tasks everyday.
  • Back to School Quizzes- This is a contest that awards a $0.20 bonus if you do 5 quizzes from the quiz folder (and sub-folders)

  • 3 Daily Surveys in a day – This is a fantastic contest based on what you can do. Simply complete 3 daily survey from the daily survey folder in one day to win a $0.25 BONUS.
  • 10 for a buck – This is a great contest because it has no time restraints on it and you are not competing against anyone. Simply complete 10 daily surveys from the daily survey folder and you win $1 plus a free referral upgrade. You can do this 1 survey a day or 1 a month.... As long as you do 10 it does not matter when they are done.
However an awesome thing is this contest stacks with the “3 Daily Surveys in a day”, so if you only do 3 surveys everyday it counts toward both!So if you do 3 surveys everyday you win $16.50 every month!($0.25*30= $7.50 + $1*9= $9) That is on top of the money earned for doing each survey and in-addition to getting a free 9x referral upgrade.

    Two contests that are also based on what you do are the MASTERS.
  • Beat the Survey Master – This contest has a prize of $5 and a chat title! Simply beat the previous record of daily surveys in one day.$5.00 Amazon and Title
  • Beat the task Master – This contest has a prize of $25 and a chat title! Simply beat the previous record of tasks in one month.$5
The Goldympics, running from 01/01/13-01/31/13, consists of 28 daily contests, 4 weekly referral contests, and lots of weekly/ monthly goals for bonus points.
  • Each of the daily contests is where you compete against others. The top 3 winners get jackpot entries, nuggets, and Goldympic points.  There are 4 types of contests rotated throughout the month so everyone has a chance to win: Daily surveys, Tasks, most money earned, and most offers completed. 
  • Each of the weekly referral contests is where you compete against others to refer the most people. The top 3 winners get jackpot entries, nuggets, and Goldympic points.
The 3 people who earned the most points throughout the month will win realgold,silver, and $25.

However the Goldompics is not just about competing against others, you can be rewarded for your own efforts.
Every week try to complete the weekly goals. 
  • Everyone who completes 50 tasks in a week will earn 3 Goldympic points.             (that's only 7 tasks a day! easily done in a minute or two)
  • Everyone who completes 20 daily surveys in a week will earn 3 Goldympic points.
              (that's only 3 daily surveys a day)
Everyone who earns a minimum of 10 points in a week is eligible for a free upgrade in February! 

Even if you missed a week or two, keep going!
  • Everyone who completes a minimum of 300 tasks in the month will earnat least 3 Goldympic points, can earn up to 10 points.           
  • Everyone who completes a minimum of 100 daily surveys in the month will earn least 3 Goldympic points, can earn up to 10 points.  

*Everyone who earns a minimum of 10 points in the month wins 50 nuggets & 50 of each Monthly/Weekly/Daily Jackpot entries.
*Everyone who earns a minimum of 30 points in the month wins 100 nuggets & 100 of each Monthly/Weekly/Daily Jackpot entries
Contests,Contests, Contest! Who does not love winning a contest. GoldDiggerGPT loves contests and love giving away prizes to winners. As of this minute of writing this GoldDiggerGPT has something like 15 different contests going! It is hard not to win one. But Perhaps you never looked at them? Or you looked at them but was confused or overwhelmed by what you saw? It is hard to win if you do not know what is going on. So I will spend the next few pages explaining some of the contests going on today.
To start the are two types of contests to give everyone a chance at winning.
  1. Contest where you compete against others to win a prize. Examples of this kind of contest include:
  • Goldympics
  • Beat the Survey Master
  • The Daily Rise 'n Shine
  • Referral
      2. Contest where you compete against only yourself to win a prize. This is easily won and only your own efforts determine the outcome. Examples of this kind of contest include:
  • Goldympics
  • 10 for a buck
  • 3 Daily Surveys in a day - $0.25 BONUS
  • Back to School Quizzes
  • Daily Double

As you can see there is a good variety of contests in both categories. Goldympics however is a special contest for January 2013 to kick start the year. It is very unique and counts toward both types of contests. There for I will not only cover the two types of contests, I will first cover Goldympics by itself.
Hello diggers.There are many exciting things going on at GoldDiggerGPT. We have been moving full steam ahead for 7 months now and added lots of cool stuff. And that's not even half of what we have in store! We strive to be your one stop GPToffering you tons of high paying offers, jackpots, and contests. We aim to provide the tools and promotions that will put money in your account quickly!  While it is lots of fun, it can be confusing at times. If you are new, it could easily be very overwhelming. So I'm going to take a minute or two and break down different aspects of the site. Every now and again I might even throw out a promo code so be sure to bookmark this blog and check back often!