Contests,Contests, Contest! Who does not love winning a contest. GoldDiggerGPT loves contests and love giving away prizes to winners. As of this minute of writing this GoldDiggerGPT has something like 15 different contests going! It is hard not to win one. But Perhaps you never looked at them? Or you looked at them but was confused or overwhelmed by what you saw? It is hard to win if you do not know what is going on. So I will spend the next few pages explaining some of the contests going on today.
To start the are two types of contests to give everyone a chance at winning.
  1. Contest where you compete against others to win a prize. Examples of this kind of contest include:
  • Goldympics
  • Beat the Survey Master
  • The Daily Rise 'n Shine
  • Referral
      2. Contest where you compete against only yourself to win a prize. This is easily won and only your own efforts determine the outcome. Examples of this kind of contest include:
  • Goldympics
  • 10 for a buck
  • 3 Daily Surveys in a day - $0.25 BONUS
  • Back to School Quizzes
  • Daily Double

As you can see there is a good variety of contests in both categories. Goldympics however is a special contest for January 2013 to kick start the year. It is very unique and counts toward both types of contests. There for I will not only cover the two types of contests, I will first cover Goldympics by itself.

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