As far as contests go, there are two types of contests; one where you compete against others, and one where you win on your own efforts. 
First lets review some contest where you compete against others to win a prize: 
  • The Daily Rise 'n Shine- This contest starts new at 7:am site time (PST). The first person to complete 10 offer wins $1. To qualify each offer must be worth 10 cent/nugget or higher in value. Only one person wins each day.
  • Referral- The is always a referral contest going. Usually with 3-10 winners. This tends to be an easy win because even though you are competing against others, there usually is low competition and therefore you can often win with only 1 ref.
 On the other hand there are contests where you do not compete against anyone to win a prize. This is easily won and only your own efforts determine the outcome.
  • Daily Double- this is a daily contest- simply complete 2 offers a day to win a $0.10 bonus. Everyone can win this everyday. To qualify each offer needs to be at least 25 cents/nuggets.
  • Digging Machine- This is awarded for your personal work efforts on tasks through the Crowdflower offerwall. For every 500 tasks you can complete in a month, you win $2 plus a chat title. That’s only doing 16 tasks everyday.
  • Back to School Quizzes- This is a contest that awards a $0.20 bonus if you do 5 quizzes from the quiz folder (and sub-folders)

  • 3 Daily Surveys in a day – This is a fantastic contest based on what you can do. Simply complete 3 daily survey from the daily survey folder in one day to win a $0.25 BONUS.
  • 10 for a buck – This is a great contest because it has no time restraints on it and you are not competing against anyone. Simply complete 10 daily surveys from the daily survey folder and you win $1 plus a free referral upgrade. You can do this 1 survey a day or 1 a month.... As long as you do 10 it does not matter when they are done.
However an awesome thing is this contest stacks with the “3 Daily Surveys in a day”, so if you only do 3 surveys everyday it counts toward both!So if you do 3 surveys everyday you win $16.50 every month!($0.25*30= $7.50 + $1*9= $9) That is on top of the money earned for doing each survey and in-addition to getting a free 9x referral upgrade.

    Two contests that are also based on what you do are the MASTERS.
  • Beat the Survey Master – This contest has a prize of $5 and a chat title! Simply beat the previous record of daily surveys in one day.$5.00 Amazon and Title
  • Beat the task Master – This contest has a prize of $25 and a chat title! Simply beat the previous record of tasks in one month.$5

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