There are so many tasks at GoldDiggerGPT. It may be easy to get overwhelmed and ask where do I start? Tasks are not complicated once you know what you are looking at. The majority of tasks are normally "mini jobs". They are typically a very short easy question and answer type of thing. They may pay in terms of pennies, but let me tell you pennies add up. Users can easily make a few hundred dollars a month on just tasks if they want. The real beauty of tasks is that they credit every time, unlike surveys or offers where you spend half of an hour for it to fail to credit. On tasks you only spend a minute or two typically and then get credit within a minute of completing usually. The important thing to remember is there are many different tasks, you need to try them all to find the one(s) you like. What works for one person may not work for another. You get to them by going to

      The "flag" Tasks
A very popular task that is available to most users is called "Flag images that contain adult content (Contains mature content) " or "SEE THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST!! New Rules Added: Flag and Tag images that contain adult content ".  This is sometimes jokingly referred to as the "porn" task. All you are doing is looking at pictures and flagging the ones that show too much skin. Each task is slightly different, read the instruction, some may only be looking for top areas,  others may be only concerned with the bottom.

     The "writing" tasks
Another popular task to try is one of the writing tasks. If you can read/write English this task pays great. There are about 4 different ones, (write questions to keywords, Write questions to keywords (long form)  and 2 of the write answers to questions tasks. This task pays low, but gives you a bonus for every answer you give. The task pay is awarded right away when you finish. The bonus is given once the staff reviews your answers (don't try to give bogus answers, they do review them and it can lead to a ban.) This bonus can be anywhere from 5-30 cents per a task. So it adds up fast!

     The "Yes/No" tasks
These are EASY! The are titled "Yes/No". You have to say yes or no to the answers they give you. Good answer include no grammar errors, no spelling mistakes, proper English. 177311 is the Job ID of the pickiest of them on grammar rules and is best for beginners to avoid at first.

    The "Casino" Task
Another popular one is the "casino". It is a task that comes out every night and is completed in minutes.
Called “Answer a few questions about a website”,  usually around 9:20 site time for usa tasks- CA casino around 12:30  and then again around 7pm. It is referred to as "casino" task because most of them involve a casino.

     The "Big Fishers" tasks
These pay Great! This is a simple search task. It is a more detailed/ bit bigger then "mini fisher" or "review" tasks, but pays better for it. There are several with the name "Search for terms and record the search results ". It gives you a keyword to search and you record the results. Follow the directions carefully as it wants certain words or search engines for each part. Do not click on any links unless it tells you to. The first time or two might be frustrating, then it is easy money. 

     The "Mini Fisher" tasks
"Search google for an article and record information about it!" usually around 11am-12pm site time. This is a simple search and answer task similar to the "review" task below but pays better as its a little different, but an easy one to try if you can.

     The "search engine" task
This task only comes out like once a month give or take, but is good for an easy $20 each time. The task is super easy/boring once you get the hang of it. However it takes a few tries to get the hang of it, GO SLOW and read/reread the instructions and then pay attention to any messages where it says you got something wrong. Then you will have the hang of it in no time.
it wants 2 things
1) rate it
invalid- if the search term is bs- like or something
perfect- if there are no mistakes in the results given
ok- if at least 1 thing is good but some bad in the results given
bad- if search term is good (pizza hut in ny,ny) but the results were all bad/none
2) explain why the results given were not perfect
simply check an answer (no results/missing info/etc)

     The "review" task
The task you will find the most is one where you perform a simple search. These can usually only be done once. However, there are a lot of these and Crowdflower is always adding more. They range from half a penny to two cents each. The name veries but they are all pretty much the same. Look for anything with review, feedback, check, or opinion in the name. An example would be "Fast Site Review and Feedback". 
1) You are given a link to click and open a search page.
2) You are given a word, phrase or name that you type into the search page.
3) You are given an exact search result to look for, it is often on the first page but some times you have to keep looking to find it.
4) Once you find it- answer a few questions about where you found the result.
5) Then you click a link and answer a question about the site.
then it requires you to press a "verify" button before submitting it. This checks over your last answer to see if you did in fact do as asked. This is usually very simply and fast, however, If it says your answer in incorrect, double check your answer is correct.  You can not hit submit till it tells you it is correct.

      There are many other tasks, but those are the most popular/common.

      It is very important to go slow the first time(s) you are doing a new task. Really pay attention to what it is asking and what you are doing. It may seem really slow, bulky, and/or not worth doing.  I made it sound complicated, but it is not. Once you do a few then you can do them very fast. Stick with it. You will get fast and love the consistent instant  credits.

You can discuss tasks and find out more information and/or tips on our forum.


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